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Matteo Ristic

My name is Matteo, I am 25 and I come from the beautiful Mediterranean city of Rijeka, Croatia. I have graduated in Political Sciences from the University of Trieste, Italy and I have one driving passion in life; foreign languages. In that respect, I speak Croatian, Italian, English and German. Since it is my dream to become a polyglot and I am a doer, I have set an ambitious goal for myself to learn one new language per year before I turn 30.

Likewise, since my field of interest is pyschology, I have specialized in nonverbal communication and body language, specifically in microexpressions and facial profiling. After graduation, I have pursued a career, firstly in the airline industry and later in the renewable energy field. I have applied for European Voluntary Service because I strongly believe in the importance of volunteering activity as a way of contributing to society. Specifically related to my EVS project in Wrocław, I have chosen Fundacja Ekorozwoju since in my opinion the relationship between man and nature needs to be returned in balance and the environmental challenges have become a pressing issue that needs to be addressed. Having been given the opportunity to work in an international and multicultural environment has allowed me to be at the center social, cultural and knowledge exchange with reciprocal benefits for the volunteers, the Fundacja and the society as a whole.








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