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Emin Yiğit Koyuncuoğlu

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Cześć! I'm Emin
The desire to discover, learn, immerse myself in different cultures and
my interest in social projects brought me here to Wroclaw. I pretty much
enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, camping; tasting world cuisines, taking photos. Hitch-hiking allows me to meet locals and travel spontaneously. This is the way I feel myself closer to the culture. Meeting many people from different backgrounds is the key to question your own values. When you question, you break your taboos. I walked some part of beautiful Lycian Way in southwest of Turkey, reached to the top of Triglav, which is the highest point of Julien Alps, camped in a desert in Iran and saw the most shiny stars in my life. I feel alive when I do such things.

Svetlana Demurchev

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Good morning, world! My name is Svetlana and I'm from beautiful Georgia.
In 2015, just after I've graduated from the university, I went for a year to Tel Aviv, Israel, where I worked as a PR intern in the sphere of innovations. And that's where I realized that my passion is traveling, exploring something new and meeting new people. That's one of the reasons I chose to volunteer in EkoCentrum. Another big reason seems to be really trivial, but I just love our planet! I love and get inspired from so many things our planet offers, and I hope I can offer something in return.
My other hobbies are sports, learning new languages, playing musical instruments, strategic games, and I have a huge wish to become a great cook and learn street dances.
By the way, I have promised myself that in a year I'll speak fluent Polish, so guys, I hope during our time together I'll also learn a lot fromyou. 

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