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Anna Liebiedieva

I am Ukrainian. In 2012 I moved to Opole city for studies. During studies I was a volunteer at the University Radio station as a photoreporter and at the city animal shelter. Also, together with my University friends, I took a part in local fleshmobs for the environmental protection and integration between different nationalities. As Opole University gave an opportunity for all students to improve themselves with their skills or reach new ones, I've got some new ones in writing, wall art and psychology.


Matteo Ristic

My name is Matteo, I am 25 and I come from the beautiful Mediterranean city of Rijeka, Croatia. I have graduated in Political Sciences from the University of Trieste, Italy and I have one driving passion in life; foreign languages. In that respect, I speak Croatian, Italian, English and German. Since it is my dream to become a polyglot and I am a doer, I have set an ambitious goal for myself to learn one new language per year before I turn 30.