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wtorek, 29 sierpień 2017 13:53

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Workshop

All of us wish to live in clean environment, breath fresh air without smog, enjoy swimming in clean river, sea and ocean. But not everyone is aware that there is much more we can do than just be mere polluters. Following this idea, we decided to organize a workshop for kids from UNESCO Initiative Summer Camp. The participants were asked to collect all the waste they had at home (plastic bottles, cardboards, ice cream sticks, CD/DVD boxes, cans) and bring it to our Foundation.

piątek, 25 sierpień 2017 13:15

Excursion to Mount Ślęża

On Friday 18th, our EVS team made an excursion to Mount Ślęża, which is 718 meters high and is located close to Wrocław city. The main idea of the trip was to get acquainted with different kind of trees, history and to enjoy pure nature. It was a good challenge since we had to be both mentally as well as physically well prepared for it.