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piątek, 08 wrzesień 2017 11:14

Two day training on assertive communication

A workshop can be an engaging, energetic and interactive platform to generate new ideas, sharing experiences, improve processes and change the way people interact.

At the beginning of September 2017. educators at EkoCentrum organized a two day training on assertive communication for the EVS volunteers. The goal of the workshop was to adopt new tools that would help the participants to communicate more efficiently and to improve their interpersonal skills. Gatherings such as these are an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange and with engaging training environment the group dynamics also becomes more stimulating.

The workshop kicked off with group exercises that required from participants to name what kind of verbal and non verbal behavior, in their opinion, is facilitating and what kind is hindering effective communication. These was particularly important since it allowed volunteers that come from different cultures to get better acquainted with each other and ultimately boost their social and professional skills. Subsequently, the educators broke down the science of how we perceive the reality around us and they taught the participants how to distinguish objective facts from subjective interpretations when engaging in human relations. Finally, we analyzed and studied the human emotions which helped us to understand better ourselves and others and to use efficiently the tools of assertive communication.


To conclude, the training exceeded our expectations and we gained a wealth of practical knowledge that will undoubtedly improve the quality of our private and professional relationships. Teaching is an art form. Great educators hold our attention, inspire respect, make us laugh, help us to fully understand complex matters and, most of all, encourage us to excel in every aspect of our lives.

Therefore, we are extremely pleased to have taken part in this workshop and we are looking forward to future trainings.

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