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Hazal Elif Sarı

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Hello, my name is Hazal and I'm 23 years old. I'm from Turkey. I studied International Relations but I believe that problems in the world will not be solved by politics. I believe that children and young people with good ideas can save our future.

I worked for 2 different NGOs (Non Governmental Organization) in Turkey. Besides, I participated many international folk dance festivals. I love dancing especially traditional ones, researching different cultures and observing my surroundings. I hope this experience will give me more awareness of ecological life and let me know myself better.

Serafina Milushi

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I'm Serafina from Albania. I have gratuated for Political Sciences from University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Science. 
During my studies I have worked as volunteer in different NGO-s as a teacher assistant for children in need, HR assistant or event coordinator at one art cultural center.
After my gratuation I started working as Manager of International Relations (import- export) in a dairy company. There I have worked for three years.
I decided to attend an EVS as an opportunity to get out of my confort zone. Get to know new people, new language, experience new culture and challanges.