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czwartek, 14 grudzień 2017 12:22

Muzyczna Noc Nadodrza

On Saturday 9th of December, volunteers and workers at Ekocentrum organized several workshops in occasion of the Muzyczna Noc Nadodrza. One of the things we did was a cooking workshop. We baked traditional Christmas Pierniczki and invited the participants, both children and adults to decorated them based on their own wishes and creativity. In that respect, natural ingredients and spices  such as sugar, poppy seed, dried fruits, oranges, mango, coconuts etc. were used. It was a pleasure to see many young people enjoying decorating their cookies in a warm Christmas atmosphere. Moreover, for us foreign volunteers it was also a great opportunity to get acquainted with Polish traditions of celebrating the holidays.

piątek, 08 grudzień 2017 13:36

Air Pollution, SMOG Campaign

If somebody asks you, do you live in a good environment and breath a fresh air, what would be your
answer? As interview with Wrocław citizens shows us, the majority of them give a negative answer
and share their wishes to live in the city without air pollution. As we know, air pollution in Poland is
an actual topic for big and small cities.