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środa, 16 sierpień 2017 10:43

Traditional Food Day with Zolty Parasol

One of the best ways to meet a new culture is to become acquainted with its cuisine. For this purpose, we joined the traditional cooking event which was organized by Foundation of Zolty Parasol at Park Tolpy on 18.06.2017. Our Turkish and Croatian volunteers prepared their traditional meals and presented them in the park in order to introduce their culture and tasting new delights.

Turkish menu included lentil balls, potato salad, Turkish delight, saksuka (ingredients are aubergine, tomato sauce, onion, spices) and mixture of sesame oil and grape molasses (sweet) which are very typical of Turkish cuisine.

Italian-Croatian menu included sweet bread, canapés with mozzarella, tuna and sausage paté which are common dishes of Balkan and Mediterranean regions. Some of these foods were also vegan and vegetarian.

It was a fantastic opportunity both for people who participated the event as well as for volunteers; cooking, sharing, meeting, enjoying. In addition, the volunteers joined the other activities such as making balloons, handmade stuff, games in the park with children and their families and all of that with good weather on our side. 

Thanks to the Zolty Parasol for this nice event and we as EkoCentrum will continue also in the future to take part in their events and activities.

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