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czwartek, 18 maj 2017 14:56

Eco - action in Park Mamuta

On Friday, 12th of May 2017, a joint ECO-ACTION took place at Park Mamuta in Wroclaw. Situated in the southwestern part of the city, on the bank of Ślęza river, it is mainly known for the 1,7 m long mammoth tusk discovered in the area. As the winner of the Wrocław Civic Budget 2014, PROJECT 301, the Park represents an idea and a vision of a unique place in this part of the region.

With a light breeze sweeping over the top of trees and the warmth of the morning sun that was rising, everything suggested that a perfect day was ahead. Soon waves of volunteers from different organizations started to pour in. Locals were joined by members of the Credit Suisse Bank, Fundacja Ekorozwoju and the international team of volunteers from Croatia and Ukraine that are currently engaged in European Voluntary Service, a project run by the European Commission.

After a brief introduction made by prof. Alina Drapella-Hermansdorfer, the landscape architect and one of the coordinators, works kicked off. Shovels, rakes, trowels and wheelbarrows in the hands of motivated volunteers started to lay the foundations for the future park.

Long rows of planted roses are intended to offer a perfect peace of heaven for walks and rest during hot summer days. And, this is just the beginning.

A playground with a giant slide for children as well as the erection of mammoth statue is also part of the project, which will allow the visitors to rediscover the unique qualities of this, till now, neglected area. To beautify the region, but also with the aim to integrate completely in the local community, a variety of orchids will be planted in the background which will give the entire landscape a new, particularly pleasant view.

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