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piątek, 04 sierpień 2017 13:41

Summer in our yard

/Paulina Anna Galanciak/ /Paulina Anna Galanciak/

On Friday 21th of July we participated in a cultural initiative organized by Żółty Parasol. We deliberately chose a neglected neighbourhood in Barlickiego Street near Park Tołpy with one goal in mind; render it more attractive and allow children of the local community to enjoy summer vacations in their own backyard. So the works kicked off early in the morning and with the weather on our side, we knew a perfect day was ahead of us.

As we were setting up tents, preparing swimming pools, making refreshing drinks, and bringing toys and carpets the whole, usually neglected area, started to gain a new, more attractive appearance. And as the children started to pour in, we realized to the mutual satisfaction that our efforts paid off. The youngsters could enjoy a variety of animations and entertainment activities we prepared for them in coordination with volunteers from other organisations, and the whole place was simply brimming with positive vibe. In fact, community beautification is something that matters and we look forward to more such events in the future.


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