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środa, 09 sierpień 2017 11:28

Children’s Picnic Day

“Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”. The quote made by the U.S. president John F. Kennedy so many decades ago perfectly embodied the event we took part in on the 11th of June 2017. On this meaningful day the city government organized in Wyspa Slodowa an event for the children of Wroclaw that was called Family Month. The Wroclaw family holiday is an annual gathering of events and attractions in May and June aimed at all Wrocław residents, especially families with children.

They cordially invite Wroclaw institutions, non-governmental organizations and commercial companies to cooperate and actively participate in the project! The Family Month is organized by the Wroclaw Center for Social Development in cooperation with partners. The program is financed with the funds of the Commune of Wrocław.

In addition to outdoor events, Family Month consists also of education - first aid and family training workshops run at partner sites - the event is accompanied by the publication of the Family Month Calendar, which collects information about family events organized throughout the city at one place. Last year the project involved 6000 inhabitants and 70 partners participated in the project.

Our activities with this event consisted of making seed bombs and pots from used materials such as tins, papers and some decorative ornaments. We helped the children to decorate the pots using their own imagination, then we put soil into them and planted seeds. With this activity, children had a chance to both have fun and at the same time learn how they can use their materials in a practical way without throwing them in the garbage. Teaching these kind of activities is very important because is raises awareness about the way we perceive waste and allow us to discover new ways to protect the environment.

We are very pleased to be with children at that day and we will continue with different activities.



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