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wtorek, 31 październik 2017 14:26

Nonverbal Communication Training

On 24.10 and 25.10. 2017 a two day training on body language took place at Fundacja Ekorozwoju. EVS volunteers from Croatia and Ukraine broke down the science of nonverbal communication, presenting a practical, cutting edge and incredibly efficient tool for everyday interactions.

During a two day training, the participants had a chance to learn how to decode people’s emotions, detect more than 100 different body gestures, assume the perfect posture on a job interview and to gain a wealth of information on interpersonal relations. Most of the participants were volunteers from other organizations in Wrocław and this workshop can be seen a part of personal and professional growth that EVS offers. The emphasis has been put on the fact that more than 60% of communication is nonverbal, making observation skills an invaluable asset in private and professional relationships. With fantastic atmosphere and interactive dynamics, it has been a very productive time spent together.

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