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piątek, 08 grudzień 2017 13:36

Air Pollution, SMOG Campaign

If somebody asks you, do you live in a good environment and breath a fresh air, what would be your
answer? As interview with Wrocław citizens shows us, the majority of them give a negative answer
and share their wishes to live in the city without air pollution. As we know, air pollution in Poland is
an actual topic for big and small cities.

The campaign made by DOLNOSLĄSKI ALARM SMOGOWY (DAS) in Wrocław had a thorny way to
reach the main goal – eliminate coal furnaces which produce smog. DAS provided public meetings
and votes which gave a great result and proved City Council that SMOG problem is worth to fight
Our volunteers of EVS are happy to take and be a part of this campaign. All of us have the same
issue with air pollution in our countries, the same way we fight with it and trying to solve this
problem. DAS gave us a chance not only to be a part of SMOG campaign, but also learn a productive
way of this case, they involved us in public meetings front of TV and Radio, front of the community
and the final success result gave us more motivation for further obstacles on our way.

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